Insolvency & Corporate Recovery

The insolvency and restructuring services team consists of a diverse group of professionals, including insolvency practitioners, lawyers, chartered and certified accountants, as well as other experts. This multifaceted team provides guidance in various areas such as insolvency, liquidations, business restructuring, and corporate recovery. They operate both independently and collaboratively, engaging with other insolvency practices and accounting firms to provide holistic solutions.

Our Managing Director, Mrs. Zena P. Antoniou, holds a license as an insolvency practitioner in Cyprus, accredited by the Cyprus Bar Association. She advises on insolvency matters within corporate and financing transactions. Her oversight ensures that procedures align
seamlessly with the unique needs of our clients, while also ensuring strict compliance with local laws.

The team demonstrates exceptional proficiency in navigating the intricacies of insolvency and restructuring. Whether engaged in the complexities of liquidations, strategic business restructuring, or corporate recovery initiatives, our professionals bring a wealth of collective knowledge to the table. Their collaborative efforts extend beyond our organization, thereby enhancing the scope of solutions offered.

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